Dance Mama

‘Dance Mama has been really invaluable for me to read- I really don’t know how other women do it,’ – Rosie Kay-Price

Logo2@2x This platform, which showcases interviews from Dance Mama’s across the industry,  is my contribution to the recent movement toward changing attitudes and conditions to parents working in dance.


Choreographer, Artistic Director and Company Director, Rosie Kay Dance Company pictured here with her son in the studio. 

In 2014, as a 33-year old mother of one, it occurred to me pretty early on that these issues were hardly talked about, let alone supported in the formal arena. However, in 2014, the then-known Dance UK (now One Dance UK), enabled me to write an article on the subject and enabled me to set up the site.

Returning to work in Autumn 2017 from my second maternity leave, I found now more than ever is there a need for a resource for dancing parents – please check it out and get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Watch this space for more developments…

Reinvention is the necessity of motherhood